David James (artist)

                           Indulge yourself in part of my mind.
     There are more worlds than you can hold in your hand.

                                        A Little about myself, I live in the town of  Poole  in Southern England
                                        I work mainly in Gouaches and Acrylics. I have done some work for magazine
                                        covers, also I have completed several private commissions for local businesses
                                       and private individuals. I have had my work published on the front cover of
                                       Scuba World dive Magazine, Koi Carp mag and Alien Encounters.
                                       I am currently designing and painting CD covers for Cartell Records and also
                                       abstract designs for Poole Pottery.

                                        Most of my images are available in print for £10.00 (ukp) plus p & p.
                                        Original paintings are available from £200 to £500 (ukp).

                                      I would like to take this opportunity to show you some of my work.

                           If you wish to contact me then you can phone me on 07952 128 419 or email
                           me using the link below.



                                               Images of my paintings are shown in different catagories. Please click the link you wish to view.

Water Theme
The Dark Period
Space Theme
Gothic Drawings
Latest Additions

Tintops & The Green Man



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